Real Time Data Flows

Direct reception of real-time information: BME Data Feed and BME Gate Server

Direct connections


BME Market Data offers three ways to directly access real-time information (SIX MDDX, BME Gate Server and BME Multicast Binary Feed), which facilitates the market monitoring and the decision making processes in real time.

SIX MDDX: BME Group’s Real-time information dissemination platform. It consolidates in a single normalized dataflow multiple contents generated by the different Regulated Markets and Multilateral Trading Facilities of BME Group.

BME GATE SERVER: Direct connection to the information dissemination servers modality. This connection is independent and specialized for each trading segment of the different platforms of BME Group.

BME MULTICAST BINARY FEED: Direct connection that allows the information reception, exclusively, of the corresponding BME Group trading segment through a multicast data flow. 

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