About us

BME Market Data is the primary source of information of BME

About us

BME Market Data focuses on the generation and commercialization of information from the different Regulated Markets and Multilateral Trading Facilities operated by BME Group, as well as on the development of value added solutions addressed to the securities industry.

BME Market Data offers specialized information products that cover all the instruments traded in BME Group’s trading venues, both real time contents and end of day and historical products.

Likewise, BME Market Data offers connectivity and data access solutions to cater the needs and objectives of its Clients and Market Members of BME Group. These solutions allow entities to set direct connections to the information dissemination platforms (SIX MDDX, BME Gate Server and BME Multicast Binary Feed) or use our Co-location, Proximity, London Hub services and Third Party Provider, through which they will obtain rack space and the necessary communications infrastructure to install the required hardware and software to be able to access to the BME markets, either at BME’s data centre (Co-location), Proximity data centre in Madrid or BME’s points of presence in London, as well as provide connectivity to third parties (Third Party Provider). 


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