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Web-based service for information on the fixed income markets AIAF, SENAF and SEND

e-Data Services

e-Data Services, the web-based service of BME Market Data, enables access through subscription to information on prices and volumes, master data and corporate actions; as well as historical information and other trading session data of instruments traded in BME’s fixed income markets and MTFs (AIAF, SENAF and SEND).

  • Information on Prices and Volumes, Trades and Quotes. Trades and trading prices.
  • Information on the Master Data. Relevant information on issuers and managers. Outstanding Issues description (flows, disbursements, trading prices, fact sheets).
  • Information on Corporate Actions. Latest payments. Latest/Next Admissions. Financial Agenda. Announcements.
  • Statistical Information. Statistical information on trading, admissions, maturities, amounts outstanding and number of transactions.
  • Information on Indices. AIAF Indices. Historical data.
  • Bulletins and periodical publications. Daily bulletins. Historical bulletins

Product functionalities:

  • Access by ISIN Code. Access by issue. Issue description.
  • Browse issues, by issuer or management firm.
  • Export all available information to Excel files.
  • Full online access to all available information contents.
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