The Spanish stock market trades 31.4 billion euros in September

1 October, 2020
  • The number of trades in September grows 46.8% year on year
  • New issues on the Fixed Income markets increases 6.6% compared to September 2019
  • The trading volumen in IBEX 35 Futures and Mini IBEX 35 Futures in the first nine months of the year grows 1.4% and 13% respectively

The Spanish stock market traded 31.4 billion euros in Equities in September, down 3.3% year on year and up 57.9% from the previous month. The effective cash volume traded at the end of September totaled 322.5 billion euros, down 5.5% year on year.

The number of trades in September amounted to 4.5 million, up 46.8% from September 2019 and up 35.2% from the preceding month. The number of trades from January to September 2020 stood at 41.2 million, which represents a 47.7% increase year on year.

BME's market share in Spanish equities in September stood at 71.69%. The average spread for the same period was 7.22 basis points at the first price level (18% better than the next trading venue) and 11.15 basis points with order book depth of 25,000 euros (27.6% better), according to an independent report by LiquidMetrix, available here: All figures include both transparent order book (LIT) trading – including auctions – and non-transparent (dark) off-book trading.

Fixed Income trading volume in September increased 74.7% from the preceding month to 19.8 billion euros and down 19.5% year on year. New admissions to trading, including Public Debt and Private Fixed Income, came in at 22.1 billion euros, up 6.6% compared to the same month the previous year and up by 35.2% for the January to September period.

The outstanding balance stood at 1.67 trillion euros, which implies an increase of 8.1% for the January to September period.

Trading in the Financial Derivatives market in September increased compared to the previous month. Trading in IBEX 35 Futures increased 22.4%, it grew 26.7% for Mini IBEX 35 Futures and 515.8% for IBEX 35 Options. Trading in Stock Options increased 21% for the January to September period.

To the end of September, trading in IBEX 35 Futures increased 1.4% and it grew 13% for Mini IBEX 35 Futures.

(1) Effective trading volume by asset type in million euros; number of trades in thousands

(2) The trading volume includes only trading on electronic platforms

(3) Thousands of contracts

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