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Front Office Corporate Actions

Corporate Actions and other relevant information that supervised companies (whether or not listed) notify directly and on a daily basis to the competent authorities and to BME.

The product offers all the relevant information that the supervised companies must report to the competent authorities:

  • List of daily corporate actions related to supervised companies sent to the competent supervisor.
  • List of daily corporate actions that void or modify preceding corporate actions of supervised companies.
  • List of the ISIN codes related to the issuer. The corporate action is linked to all the financial instruments issued by the supervisor provided they have an assigned ISIN code.
  • Interim financial information of companies with listed instruments in Regulated Markets.
  • Detail of the corporate actions, significant stockholdings and audit reports once they have been added to the public register of the CNMV.
  • ISIN. Daily additions and withdrawals from the financial instruments database of the Spanish National Agency of Securities Codification.
  • Notices that BME Market Supervision issues on listed instruments on the equities, ETFs and warrants markets.
  • Notices on relevant information that listed companies send to the Alternative Investment Market (MAB) in its four segments (growth companies, SICAVs, venture capital companies and hedge funds) as competent authority. With this inclusion, the product offers all the relevant information that the supervised companies must report to the competent authorities.

The information is delivered daily, both throughout the trading session, as well as after the close (information available in T).

In addition, this product also provides the corporate actions of a number of issuers that publish their corporate actions in English through their websites. The corporate action typology is also available in English.


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